You have 36 months from the date of purchase to exchange your RAMS for a memory of your choice.
If your RAMS balance doesn’t stretch to the experience you want, you can simply buy more to make up the difference.

Although it’s not possible to hand over your RAMS to someone else (why would you want to do that anyway!), you can share them with friends by purchasing an experience for 2 or more people by increasing the quantity in the cart.


Are you looking to treat someone to some RAMS? Click here to treat someone who isn’t already a registered member, or if they are a member you can search for them on members profile and top up their account directly. Remember you need to be a registered member before you can treat someone else.
If you are purchasing RAMS as a gift for someone who is not yet a member, they will receive an email notification to register and once they register, the points will be added to their profile. Simple.


If you prefer to choose and actual experience as a gift instead of giving a chosen amount of RAMS, this can be done on the individual chosen experience page. Please note however, that the person you are gifting the experience to, will ultimately be receiving the amount of RAMS required for that experience. They will then have the choice on how they will be spending the RAMS and whether or not they would like to use those RAMS on the experience you have chosen for them. Remember the number of RAMS required for the chosen experience may change if not booked.


At the moment the experiences are predominantly London based but we are looking at expanding, so sit tight. If there is something you would really like to do either in London or elsewhere that we do not currently offer please do get in touch, so we can see how we can help. We would love to help you spend your RAMS on a memory you would really like.


If there is no availability suitable for your chosen experience, we will swap it for an experience of similar value.


If you have already redeemed an experience it is not possible to cancel it. A date change might be possible but are done at the discretion of our experience suppliers, details can be found on the individual experience pages.


A refund is available within 30 days of purchase, as long as an experience has not been redeemed. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and a refund will be made to the buyers account.