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Making Memories One RAM at a time

Are you looking to give a gift that’s thoughtful? A gift that doesn’t just get added to the pile of consumer goods that most of us have too much of already   (yes. GUILTY as charged)? A gift that   adds value to our lives?
After spending hundreds of MEMORABLE hours testing out experiences, we have picked some of our favourites and more and we want to use this platform to share them with you!

While gifting experiences can sometimes be pricey, CHOOSE your OWN MEMORIES gives you the opportunity to collect or gift RAMS over a period of time, and then exchange your RAMS for whichever experience you choose within a 3-year period. Whatever your choice, we are here to help that bucket list fantasy or lifelong dream materialise… And to help you create the magnificent memories that go along with it!

In techie talk a RAM is made up of small memory chips that form a memory module. Hence we decided to call our memory tokens, RAMS.
Collect as many RAMS as possible and turn them into ROMS (Radical Ongoing Memories) – otherwise known as memories that are hard-wired 😉

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Once you’ve built up enough RAMS, exchange them for your chosen experience.

The Perfect Gift


TREAT someone to a gift of everlasting memories. Where they can build up their RAMS and exchange them to choose their OWN memory.

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